What Causes Bunions And How We Can Help
September 01, 2016
Category: Foot Care
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A bunion is an unnatural, bony bump that develops on the joint at the base of the big toe. This bump is an abnormality of the foot bones. bunionsRead on to find out what causes bunions and how a Montvale and Hackensack, NJ podiatrist can help you.

What Causes Bunions?

For many individuals, bunions run in the family. If bunions run in your family, your risk of developing them is higher. However, this doesn't mean that you will definitely develop bunions.

Women are especially prone to developing bunions. Years of wearing poorly fitting footwear -- especially high heels -- can cause bunions. Such footwear gradually pushes the foot bones into an unnatural shape.

Bunions are associated with certain types of arthritic conditions. The types of arthritis thought to cause bunions include rheumatoid arthritis, gout and psoriatic arthritis. Arthritis in the toe may also develop as a result of a bunion.

How Your Montvale and Hackensack Podiatrist Can Help

Bunions can be treated with an over-the-counter or prescription pain reliever, as well as a medication to relieve inflammation and swelling. Cortisone injections are also helpful for treating bunions.

We can give you bunion pads to cushion the bony area of your feet when you wear shoes. Bunion pads place a barrier between the bunion and skin and can alleviate the irritation. Bunion pads provide all-day relief from painful shoe pressure.

There are different types of surgeries to correct a bunion. Bunion surgery may be recommended, but only if your symptoms are severe enough to warrant such intervention. In general, if your bunion is not painful, you do not need surgery.

A bunion that is left untreated can cause severe pain. Don't let a bunion knock you off your feet. Call Podiatry Foot and Ankle Institute at (201) 488-3668 to schedule an appointment with one of our world-class Montvale and Hackensack, NJ podiatrists today. We can help you get rid of that bunion once and for all.