5 Ways Podiatrists Treat Heel Pain
January 21, 2016
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Heel Pain Treatment #1: Rest & Ice

Sometimes spur related heel pain may be reduced with a combination of rest and cold compresses. As such, your Hackensack podiatrist may recommend the use of store bought compresses or homemade ones on a daily or weekly basis.

Heel Pain Treatment #2: Cortisone Injections

If ice and rest doesn’t alleviate the pain, our Hackensack foot doctors may recommend that heel pain sufferers receive a series of cortisone injections. The injections are designed to reduce the swelling around the heel spur. Once the swelling gets under control, the pain is apt to subside at least somewhat.

Heel Pain Treatment #3: Exercises

In addition to the first two heel pain treatments, our Hackensack foot specialists will typically prescribe an exercise routine as well. The exercises usually involve mild stretching of the fascia and calf muscle. However, the routine may also include strengthening exercises like towel curls.

Heel Pain Treatment #4: Night Splints & Orthotics

Night splints, orthotic devices, custom footwear, padding and other similar items may be incorporated into a heel spur sufferer’s treatment too. They are designed to alleviate pressure on the spur, which should help to reduce inflammation and heel pain.

Heel Pain Treatment #5: Surgery

If all else fails, your podiatrist may decide to remove the heel spur surgically. The surgery generally involves removing the calcium deposit and cutting the surrounding ligaments. Therefore, there may be a substantial amount of recovery time involved. It is also not uncommon for the patient to experience post-surgical pain. The post-surgical pain is sometimes treated with medication, physical therapy and orthotics.

To learn more about these heel spur treatments and others, please contact our Hackensack foot clinic.