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November 07, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Foot and ankle injuries run rampant in athletic circles, especially in contact sports which require quick, jerking motions like basketball, sports injuryfootball, or baseball. While your doctor can treat your foot or ankle injury, they can also help prevent it from happening in the first place. Find out more about foot and ankle injuries, their treatments, and how you can decrease your chances of ever suffering one with podiatrists Dr. Edward Harris, Dr. Antonella Cella, Dr. Warren Chiodo, and Dr. Neil Goldberg at Podiatry Foot and Ankle Institute with locations in Hackensack, NJ and Montvale, NJ.

How can I prevent foot and ankle sports injuries? 
One of the easiest ways to prevent injuries to your foot or ankle is to wear the correct type of shoes for the activity in which you participate. For example, wearing basketball shoes while training for a marathon or vice-versa does not provide the right support in the correct places, weakening or even injuring the foot and ankle. In addition to wearing the right shoes, always be sure to stretch and warm up before physical activity. You may also benefit from wearing a preventative brace on previously injured feet or ankles to ensure that they have extra support and stability.

How does my podiatrist diagnose my sports injury? 
Your doctor will use a physical examination to get a good grasp on the physical state of your foot or ankle, your family and medical history, and the lifestyle choices you make. This visit also gives your doctor the chance to order x-rays or an MRI to examine the inside of your foot or ankle, ensuring that any injury to the bone or connective tissues is taken care of. From there, your doctor may perform tests to test your range of motion or level of pain.

Treating Sports Injuries in Hackensack, NJ and Montvale, NJ 
Treating sports injuries to the ankle and foot vary greatly from patient to patient and injury to injury. In many cases, your doctor may suggest beginning treatment with the RICE method. This includes resting, icing the injury, compressing the injury, and elevating your foot above the heart to help reduce swelling. From there, your doctor may suggest prescription medications, orthotics, braces, or physical therapy. Severe cases may require surgery if all other treatments fail to provide results.

For more information on foot and ankle sports injuries, please contact your podiatrists, Dr. Harris, Dr. Cella, Dr. Chiodo, and Dr. Goldberg at Podiatry Foot and Ankle Institute with locations in Hackensack, NJ and Montvale, NJ. Call (201) 488-3668 to schedule your appointment at either of the two New Jersey locations today!