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July 19, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Toenail Fungus  

Toenail fungus is an unpleasant foot condition that starts as a minor annoyance but can quickly turn into a major concern. An easy solution toenail fungusis available at Podiatry Foot and Ankle Institute in Hackensack and Montvale, NJ called the Dyad NaiLaser. It’s superior to the traditional way of treating fungus in speed and efficiency. Find out more about toenail fungus and how it can be eliminated by your podiatrist with a laser treatment.

Where Does Toenail Fungus Come From?
Toenail fungus is spread from one person to another. Fungi thrives in wet and warm places. It grows on the toenails because they are inside of your cramped shoes for most of the day. Toenail fungus most often affects athletes and swimmers who spend a lot of time in wet environments, or who share showers. Also, if someone has toenail fungus and you share a nail clipper, socks or shoes, with them, that could cause a new infection. In severe cases, the toenail can turn brown or green, the feet can have a bad odor, and the whole nail could eventually come off.

Laser Treatment
Your podiatrist can use the light from a laser to eliminate fungus on, around and under the toenails. A modern tool called a Dyad NaiLaser is designed to reach the fungus under the nail and neutralize it. The skin and nail tissue that’s still healthy will be unbothered. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may have to visit your Hackensack or Montvale podiatrist two or three times for laser sessions. 

In and Out of the Office
The great thing about laser treatment for toenail fungus is that it is a relatively quick procedure that can be performed in the podiatrist’s office. The appointment is complete in about 30 minutes. After the treatment is done, you can usually go home or return to work. It’s pain-free and there’s no period of recovery required after. You also don’t have to worry about applying messy creams to your toes on a daily basis. 

Get Treatment for Toenail Fungus
See a foot doctor at the first sign of toenail fungus—before it has a chance to spread and get worse. Call Podiatry Foot and Ankle Institute today to schedule an appointment with your Hackensack (201-488-FOOT) or Montvale (201-391-8282) podiatrist.

July 10, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: sprained ankle  

What your doctors in Montvale and Hackensack want you to knowsprained ankle

A sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries you can experience. So how do you know you’ve actually sprained your ankle? There are some definite signs and symptoms to look out for. Your doctors at Podiatry Foot & Ankle Institute want to share what you need to know about sprained ankles. They have offices in Hackensack and Montvale, NJ to serve your needs.

You may have sprained your ankle if you experience:

  • Pain around your ankle that can be severe
  • Swelling and bruising around your ankle
  • Your ankle popping when you move
  • Ankle instability and unexpected movement

It’s easier than you think to sprain your ankle, especially if you are getting older. That’s because your ligaments, tendons and muscles aren’t as strong or flexible. If you move incorrectly, you can sprain your ankle easily. It’s also easy to sprain your ankle if you play sports like basketball, tennis, running, soccer or football which involve sudden movements.

If you do sprain your ankle, you can take some easy steps at home to help. You can try:

  • Elevating your ankle during the first 48 hours
  • Resting and taking weight off your ankle
  • Icing your ankle for 20 minute periods
  • Wrapping your ankle in supportive bandages

It’s often best to see an expert like your podiatrists at Podiatry Foot & Ankle Institute. They will recommend effective treatments to get you back on your feet, including:

  • Wearing a brace or walking cast for support
  • Using crutches initially to take the weight off of your ankle
  • Physical therapy, stretching and exercises to improve balance stability

Don’t let yourself be sidelined by a sprained ankle when you can get help with just a simple phone call. Your podiatrists at Podiatry Foot & Ankle Institute can help. They have two convenient office locations in Hackensack and Montvale, NJ, so call today and get back on your feet!